Court Ordered Drug Testing: Things You Should Know
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Court Ordered Drug Testing: Things You Should Know

Court-ordered drug testing is a mandate by a court for alcohol or drug testing and is mandatory for the individual to comply. This order is one of the legal requirements and will be the basis for said individual on his or her on-going case in court. It is a judicial proceeding and comes with a legal basis. Court-ordered drug testing is also a part of the process of correctional institutions if and only if the individual is rehabilitated and it is done before the person is re-introduced to the outside world.

There are a few reasons why drug testing is ordered by the court. Sometimes this is for evidence purposes or as a part of negotiations in court cases.

Court-ordered drug testing is required.
As a part of negotiations especially in divorce or custody cases for kids, agencies would often require drug testing. In this regard, the parents or the person in custody of the court will be able to prove that he or she is sober. This is also for the benefit of the child who will be placed in custody of either parents. DUI and DWI cases will also require testing for drugs and alcohol.
Courts will also request drug testing.
Courts, for various reasons, will request for drug testing. Crimes that are motivated by drugs, such as the need to use or purchase, are behind the motivation for court-ordered drug testing. Most suspects that are clean and ready to go out of the real world must ensure that they will remain free from drug abuse. Courts will oftentimes request for drug testing to ensure sobriety from a parolee.
Parole programs need drug testing.
Parolees as mentioned would need to go through extensive drug testing procedures because of their possibility of going back to drug abuse. This is also one of the requirements to remain in the parol program; and it’s an additional measurement during probation. Should the parolee violate this then it would result in a harsher punishment.

End note.
In the grand scheme of things, knowing what to expect from court ordered drug testing is a pivotal aspect if you ever find yourself in this situation. It is and will not be a loss cause once you know what you’re facing. The one sure way to get out of it is never to use drugs or alcohol as this will be a deterrent to your person, to your situation, and most especially to your life.