The Top Most Important Swimming Pool Parts to Know About
The Top Most Important Swimming Pool Parts to Know About

The Top Most Important Swimming Pool Parts to Know About

Swimming pools are not just shallow tiled rooms with water in them. There are many things you need to take into consideration when building a swimming pool, though they are one of the best investments to add to your backyard to up the value of your property. But every significant investment means some level of responsibility will come into play, such as its weekly maintenance that’s very important if you want your pool to run at an optimal level. And of course, you’ll need to look for the best parts and equipment for your swimming pool to last longer.

Reece pool supplies offer all kinds of swimming pool equipment for your pool. Of course, they carry some of the most important parts a swimming pool needs to provide the best experience. So if you’re wondering what these pool parts and pieces of equipment are, read on to find out.

Pool Pump

Probably the most important piece of equipment you need to buy first is the pool pump. It’s like the veins of your swimming pool because it keeps the water flowing and pumping. Without it, your swimming pool will remain stagnant. It primarily consists of a motor pump and a large basket, which catches large debris and preventing it from entering the filter.

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Pool Filter

The second most important part of a swimming pool is the filter because, without it, the pump will only circulate dirty water over and over again until the water gets cloudy. There are currently three types of filters in the market: sand filters that can catch small debris as small as 20 microns. However, it needs to be replaced every five to ten years for it to remain calcium-free. Cartridge filters can catch small debris as small as ten to 20 microns but need to be taken apart every two months to be cleaned and hosed down.

Last but not least is the Diatomaceous Earth filters (D.E.), which catch less than five microns. It needs to be back washed monthly to replace the D.E.


The skimmers are like filters but only found on the deck side. It pulls in larger debris from the pool’s surface and is directed to the skimmer basket. It would help if you emptied it out weekly or as needed to ensure that it can efficiently filter down large debris all the time.

Main Drain

The main drain is a suction device installed at the bottom or deepest part of the pool. It’s used with an Infloor Cleaning System to filter smaller debris from the pool to the pool pump and into the pool filter. It’s very effective for cleaning out cloudy water.

So if you’re currently shopping for your swimming pool equipment, make sure the ones listed above are on top of your list! These are the main parts of the pool, and the accessories come second. Sooner or later, you’ll have the swimming pool of your dreams in your backyard.